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Country-Route Names Rates (p per SMS)* Dialing Codes
Kazakhstan - Mobile 7.50     Dial Codes
Kenya-Airtel-Mobile 6.15     Dial Codes
Kenya-Orange-Mobile 6.15     Dial Codes
Kenya-Other-Mobile 6.15     Dial Codes
Kenya-Safaricom-Mobile 6.15     Dial Codes
Kuwait - Mobile 5.33     Dial Codes
Kyrgyzstan - Mobile 4.92     Dial Codes
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* All rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
* Posting of changed rates on these rate pages will be considered official notification of rates to the customers.
* A gTalk® customer can only send SMS to the above mentioned destinations.

For inclusion of rates for more destinations i.e. routes please call 02033181565 or write to: customerservice@gtalkpinless.co.uk

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